For You For Us For Howard
For You For Us For Howard

Lisa Kim has proven herself a champion of the hard working citizen, an advocate for the underserved and a strong and connected public servant who believes government should be efficient, to-the-point and goal oriented.

After living in Howard County for several years and enjoying the wonder of everything that makes Howard County so great, I am honored and excited to announce my candidacy for Howard County Council, District 4. Having served as a 3 time elected Municipal Official in Prince George’s County, I bring years of community and legislative experience to the Howard County Council.

The Howard County Council has the ability to solve real problems that directly affect us, our children and our community. I am committed to always maintaining open lines of communication with you--the citizens--focusing on issues that matter to us, and when progress has stalled, bringing people together to advance the conversation in order to make strong public policy where everyone is represented. I have a balanced approach to legislating afforded me by my experiences serving in Prince George’s County where my constituents represented all socioeconomic levels, as well as rich, ethnic diversity. I will bring this balanced approach to our esteemed county.

As a minority business owner and a former financial analyst for Lockheed-Martin under the Hubble Space Telescope umbrella, I am a tax dollar watchdog. You can count on me to be your eyes and ears when it comes to where our money is going inside and outside of the government. As a legislator, I expect and get accountability from the government agencies and I expect appropriate spending from those in the government tasked with outlay. There is NOT an endless supply of taxpayer dollars. However, we cannot tackle our increasing budget entirely through watchful spending alone. We must also look at how we can rein in some of the long-term expenditure percentages.

Howard County is the most beautiful and perfect place to live in Maryland. Our location and proximity to Baltimore and Washington, DC, offer the perks of city life. All while living right here in our glorious county of farmland and open spaces alongside a bustling and modernized Columbia.

My support for our schools and our children’s education will never waver. Strong academics for our children are most important so as to be sure they are able to compete in what is and will continue to be a global job market for them as they grow into adulthood. Safe and ample school buildings, modern technology driven school supplies and tools are imperative for our children’s learning environment. I will work to continue moving Howard County schools forward while maintaining our excellence in every area. Open lines of communication with our Superintendent will aid us in our ongoing pursuit of quality and merit. I will seek to have regular briefings with our Superintendent and will relay the information back to our communities.

I work for you, the voters and the residents. I represent all of us and would be honored to be your choice for County Council, District 4, and be our voice.

Lisa Kim

For You For Us For Howard